techdash TM telecom is proud to have received the NextTech Connector Award from the Learning Alliance Corporation at the NATE UNITE Conference in Orlando, at the end of February.

This award, sponsored by T-Mobile’s NextTech Diversity Program, is given to companies in the telecom industry who embrace and encourage diversity in the field.

Being a longstanding partner of TMO, techdash provides ground and tower services to support upgrades, transport, conversion and maintenance.

Today, women and men of color make up only a small percentage of all network technicians and field crews in the industry. techdash is working to change these statistics for the better and continue to create an inclusive work environment.

techdash’s Safety Manager, Robert McKenzie, accepted the award on the company’s behalf and understands the impact of the scholarship programs that the Learning Alliance Corporation provides.

“These types of programs can save people’s lives without even realizing it,” McKenzie said. “We hope it shows our dedication to building out the 5G workforce with a diverse group of qualified technicians.”

The Program is organized to support diverse and qualified candidates through every step of becoming an integral part of the telecom industry as skilled technicians. This includes assistance in recruiting, training, certification and placement in a variety of field positions.

Learning Alliance Corporation partners with businesses and universities to bring Veterans and civilian workshops, labs and simulation programs that align the theoretical concepts of 5G networks into real world application learning.

We work hard to employ people who have gone through the NextTech Diversity Program, and both parties are noting the benefits of the initiative.

“We learn a lot from Learning Alliance and the fact that techdash trusts us from what we learned there is really cool,” said Joanna Aragon, who has worked for techdash since December 2022, and trained with Learning Alliance after she returned from deployment.

Being one of the only women in her crew, Aragon encourages other women “to be in this industry and prove people wrong.”

Click here to learn more about the NextTech Diversity Program and see how techdash is part of the community helping to employ the next generation of telecommunication technicians through our partnership with Learning Alliance Corporation.

About the Learning Alliance

With nearly $1 million in seed funding, Learning Alliance Corporation will oversee recruitment, training, certification, and job placements—and the cost of the candidates’ schooling is completely covered through NextTech. The Learning Alliance partners with small, medium, and large tower companies across the United States and are closely aligned with the Wireless Infrastructure Association’s Telecommunications Industry Registered Apprenticeship Program (TIRAP).

About Nate

NATE: The Communications Infrastructure Contractors Association is a non-profit trade association dedicated to providing a unified voice for companies in the diverse tower and communications infrastructure construction, service and maintenance industries.